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Hey there. I'm Aarion and I'm 32 years young. I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease of my terminal ilium and colon in 2014. I'm a retired CMA for 4 Gastros. I'm from NE Ohio born and raised and reside. I have had one major bowel surgery in 2016 where I lost my job because of my recovery. I have a port in my arm from bad veins and numerous hospital stays. I'm on lots of treatment with medications for endometriosis and chronicpain,

depression and anxiety and my good friend Arthritis. I'm also on a biologic. Currently fighting with social security to restore my benefits. I'm also an only child my mom and my grandmother are my besties. Its just us 4. I like to laugh and sing,dance,family,makeup,read and vlog. I love spreading awareness any and everywhere I can. I'm a Scorpio and very compassionate and complex. I'm passionate about my work. I now use my Social medial to advocate and educate on like with crohns I share my jouney and personal plights on all my platforms. This is my new purpose. I always try to help others. I am a YouTube Vlogger so follow me at crohnie queen. I am also a single mom of 1 13 yo son. I am a dog and cat mom. I hope to one day spread my story globally and travel

and see the world. If you would like to join me on my journey my social media handles are Crohniequeenab any questions please feel free to ask would love that💜💪🏾🥰

Crohnie Queen
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