Patient Story: Tasha Stewart #InLivingCocci

Early in my Crohn's journey, I began taking biologics. This was my "favorite" medication to be administered thus far. It was low maintenance, and I did not have to worry about the daily hassle of taking medication. I could also take a nap during my infusion treatments. It was perfect for me and where I was on my Crohn's journey. Two years into being on this medication I switched employers, which caused my health insurance to change. The new insurance company wanted to switch me to a different medication even though the biologic I was on placed me into clinical remission. The insurance company denied my claim and my gastroenterologist spent two months fighting to appeal their decision. The number of hurdles we had to go through for me to stay on a treatment that not only worked, but also put me into medical remission was very disheartening. As a patient, it was very stressful for me because I could not be sure the new medication would work. In the end, the insurance company reversed their decision and I stayed on the initial biologic for years to follow.

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