Marquis R. Ellison

Diagnosis: Crohn’s Disease

Date of Diagnosis: 2009

Symptoms: Weight Loss, Loss of Appetite, Abdominal Pain, Fatigue, Nausea, Anemia

In 2009, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, a form of IBD. I experienced rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, excruciating abdominal pain, nausea, anemia, and fatigue. All are symptoms associated with IBD. Fortunately, I never experienced the diarrhea which is another common symptom of IBD. I went through multiple tests such as colonoscopies, endoscopies, x-rays, ultrasounds, gall bladder tests, etc. Eventually, I had to seek a second opinion which lead to my Crohn's diagnosis. Prior to the diagnosis, I had a capsule endoscopy which showed the Crohn's. My doctor wanted to scope me just to be extra sure before medication was prescribed. The week I was diagnosed, I was in the hospital for a week and had another colonoscopy, endoscopy and two blood transfusions. Later that Thursday I was diagnosed and began treatment immediately.

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