Patient Stories: Aarion Bell #InLivingCOCCI

I was subjected to step therapy due to my insurance at the beginning of my diagnosis - I received oral medication in 2014. It somewhat worked for a while. A year after not achieving basline outcomes, I was moved to a biologic. I did the loading dose and then one shot every 6 weeks along with the pill medication and prednisone (which was taken off and on during and after hospitalizations). At that time, I had Medicaid and had to try a new biologic because I ended up having bowel surgery in 2016 and the first biologic was no longer working. I was switched to my second biologic, which I would have administered every 6 weeks. It worked well with my arthritis and Crohn’s, but I had an unexpected allergic reaction in 2018/2019. I got itchy and felt my throat swelling and itching. It was strange after being on it so long. My insurance changed again, and I was switched to their preferred biologic.

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